Who is Polytechniek?

Polytechniek is an innovative installation company that has acquired a strong position since 1971 with high-quality products in the flower bulb, chicory sector and utility projects. Our approximately 60 employees design, install and maintain agricultural and industrial cooling and heating installations, both at home and abroad.

What does Polytechniek do?

At Polytechniek we offer all our customers a good quality of service and accessibility through our 24 hours a day, seven days a week service, pre-manufactured products and our total package of services. Our main work consists of electronically controlled technology, industrial cold storage, complete with all kinds of cooling installations, heating, water treatment, air treatment and climate control via process computers.

Your benefits

  • All required technologies under one roof;
  • Knowledge and experience of all the technical aspects of agriculture and horticulture, in particular of flower bulb and chicory hydroponics (Chicorei installation);
  • Collaborate with various user groups and thus be aware of what is going on in the market;
  • A stable company. We have been active in this industry since 1971 within various industries (chicory, tulips, office buildings, etc.) and are therefore not particularly dependent on economic fluctuations;
  • Our company provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week; outside office hours manned by service coordinator.


Polytechniek invests a lot of time and effort in obtaining and maintaining a number of certificates that are necessary for our products and installation work.


Request offer

After requesting one of our sales specialists will contact you.

Agriculture – horticulture

Polytechniek has a unique range of products for agriculture and horticulture, which have been developed and improved over a period of 40 years. In collaboration with the various user groups, this has significantly improved our yields and forms the basis for Polytechniek’s global leading position in the chicory hydroponics market (Chicorei installation). The latest developments include fully automated fertilization systems and energy performance solutions for agriculture and horticulture.

To design
In addition to all these products, we can also design the project and provide the customer with all the necessary drawings.


Over many years of building equipment for hydroponic systems, we have developed a standard water treatment setup. All necessary parts are built so that we can assemble the entire water treatment system in our workshop and ship locally or globally as one package. Our hydroponic setup is normally equipped with the following parts (for each basin):

Standard equipment:

  • Self-priming system pump with a capacity that depends on the number of drawbars per basin;
  • Bypass circuit for regulating the water pressure in the pipe to the tension cell;
  • Electric clean water valve with an electric level control to maintain a constant water level in the basin;
  • Mechanical water meter;
  • water temperature gauge;
  • Manual valve, to pump the water from the basin to the drain, at the end of a draw cycle;
  • Cables and electrical circuits needed to control the pump and water level;
  • Mounting brackets for cooling and heating installation.

Optional equipment:

  • Complete cooling kit including a stainless steel coil/cooling plate with a capacity based on the amount of chicory roots to be irrigated, a solenoid valve, an expansion valve or other refrigerant controller depending on the type of refrigerant system, insulated copper pipes for transporting refrigerant and the necessary electrical wiring;
  • Complete hot water system for heating, including a stainless steel coil with a capacity according to the amount of chicory roots to be irrigated, an electric valve, galvanized pipes for the transport of hot water and the necessary electrical wiring;
  • Complete fertilizer system and EC/pH meters;
  • Analog thermostat with a heating and cooling function or computer controlled circuits to be connected to a central process computer.

In process computer control, alarm circuits are installed to detect system pump failures such as:

  • Extremely high or low EC values;
  • Extremely high or low pH levels;
  • Extremely high or low water temperatures.

Special situations:

  • Fertilization system;
  • Electric heating instead of hot water heating.
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