Code of Conduct

NVKL members make a distinction through honest, socially responsible behavior. This code of conduct is heartfelt for every NVKL member and is a clear guideline for every day.

NVKL members:

1 are like NVKL AMBASSADORS open, honest and reliable and support the dignity and good reputation of all NVKL members and their field. Managers set an example to their employees.

2 to trade FAIR and CAUTION and prevent anything that could cause danger or damage to the property or reputation of customers or companies. NVKL members prevent others from being endangered by unsafe behavior, for example by alcohol or drug use. Dishonest behavior, such as business theft, improper computer use (private purposes) or infringement or misuse of intellectual property by copying technical specifications, drawings or other data, will not be tolerated.

3 to have PROFESSIONAL MANAGERS in attitude and behavior. They inform employees in a timely manner about the business results and support their employees in their own responsibility for self-development and broadening of technical knowledge and skills.

4 offer ALL EMPLOYEES EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN A GOOD WORKING CLIMATE . Employees are not discriminated against on the basis of religion, beliefs, political views, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age, et cetera. The work environment NEVER tolerates sexual harassment, personal advantage, bullying or jokes at the expense of others.

5 to be OPEN and OBJECTIVELY , perform technical research in order to be able to recognize errors based on facts and appreciate constructive criticism in order to learn from errors and to improve sustainably.

6 strive for OPTIMAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and provide users with all information such as standards, quality standards and maintenance and usage instructions, so that the customer can work optimally safely, environmentally and maintenance-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable with their products or installations.

7 to be VERY RESISTANT when offering or receiving free services or gifts (above 100 euros) and keep a sharp balance between favoritism and possible influence. Expensive gifts or free travel abroad, golf tournaments, sky boxes, et cetera are reported and discussed.

8 to be INTEGER and avoid any form (or even the appearance) of a conflict of interest and do not agree with market partners on prices and market sharing,

9 to be SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE ENTREPRENEURS and always opt for technical decisions that protect the public safety and health of society and the environment. NVKL members in any case meet all legal requirements and obligations. When in doubt, there is a duty to report and management offers an open ear to anyone who sees potential risks. (In very difficult circumstances there is the NVKL Confidence Committee).

10 stand for LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS and inform customers and the public honestly and objectively about the possibilities, limitations or risks of their delivered products or installations.