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Sustainable agriculture
Polytechniek sometimes supplies sustainable installations to agricultural companies and therefore contributes to sustainable agriculture. In addition, they promote the eating of chicory at trade fairs and are world leader in building and designing chicory installations. Furthermore, Polytechniek is a member of Seed Valley, Seed Valley is the worldwide center for plant breeding and seed technology. Companies in Seed Valley are developing new vegetable and flower varieties: improved varieties that give higher yields, are resistant to diseases or that are suitable for modern cultivation methods.

Promote lifelong learning and provide quality education
By providing internships, Polytechniek is actively promoting quality education. In addition, Polytechniek supports its employees with courses and training during the working period.

Delivering sustainable management of water and sanitation
Drinking water is connected to the running water by Polytechniek. In this way, the risks of legionella in drinking water are limited.

Access to reliable, affordable, sustainable and modern energy
By means of smart heat and cold storage above and below ground, Polytechniek provides modern energy for some customers and their yards.

Contribution to safe, resilient and sustainable cities and settlements
Polytechniek supplies and installs sustainable installation technology for new construction and renovation projects in cities and municipalities.

Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns
Polytechniek ensures that food has a longer shelf life by means of cool and freezer cells, thus promoting sustainable consumption. In addition, Polytechniek is a member of Seed Valley, where, among other things, vegetable seeds are grown that contribute to sustainable consumption.

Finally, the Polytechniek building is fully equipped with LED lighting. In addition, the management is committed to a more sustainable world independently of Polytechniek. For example, the director is secretary of the Sustainable Entrepreneurs Desk in West Friesland, which operates on a non-profit basis.

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