Why Polytechniek?

What are the advantages of Polytechniek:

  • All techniques under one roof, and therefore everything matched.
  • One contact, so even one phone number for consulting our employees.
  • One installer is more efficient (one set of drawings, one line in engineering)
  • Short lines of communication, one relationship manager per customer.
  • Polytechniek is versed in the agricultural, horticultural, industry and utility sector,  and in its technology.
  • Polytechniek is a stable company and active in various markets since 1971. Because of the several markets we are less dependent on economic fluctuations.
  • Our company really has a 24/7 service department. Outside office hours the service coordinator answers all calls. In case of a disturbance , he calls one of the service technicians who goes on site as soon as possible. We don’t use any answering machine!!
  • Polytechniek is a licensed as supervisor for several quality certificates, such as the KEMA (DEKRA), the NEN3140, BRL6000. 
This means that the mechanics of Polytechniek are authorized to install and/or test electrical, gas or and water installations without approval of public utilities. This indicates an additional guarantee to the quality of Polytechniek.

— Direct contact —

With Polytechniek you get more than 40 years of experience.

Polytechniek supports you in each and every step in the realization and maintenance of your technical installation.

Latest projects

Below is a selection of our recent projects. Polytechniek advises, designs, installs and maintains all technical installations.