Working at Polytechniek

1.  Working at Polytechniek is working in an open and stimulating corporate culture interesting company whereat commitment, honesty and equality are the main pillars. Employees help each other, in a collegial atmosphere, where there is no place for formal behavior. The interests of the employees and the company clearly running parallel.
What does Polytechniek generally offer:
- A clear job description
- Inclusion in the company pension fund
- Licensed training company in all areas of technology
-  Clear organizational structure with short lines
- A wide range of clothing and footwear
- All through worksheets and workbooks with clear information;
- Attention to personal development and future prospects;
- Possibilities for a personal training
- Arrangements for reimbursement of training - and study
- Enthusiastic colleagues with a long track record
- Very pleasant working atmosphere in a team;
- All arrangements are documented in the staff guide.
Your written application, with curriculum vitae, can shoud be directed to:
Jaap Vlam AC, HR manager, Koggeweg 63, PO Box 2, 1606 ZG Venhuizen.

— Direct contact —

With Polytechniek you get more than 40 years of experience.

Polytechniek supports you in each and every step in the realization and maintenance of your technical installation.

Latest projects

Below is a selection of our recent projects. Polytechniek advises, designs, installs and maintains all technical installations.