Phasing out Freon

Phasing out Freon

There has been a landslide in the prices and availability of refrigerants. The prices of HFCs have exploded and the prices of some HFOs have also increased significantly.

The cause is threefold:

1. Availability of the raw materials to produce HFCs .

The raw materials for HFCs, Fluorine and Fluorspar, come mainly from Mongolia and China. In China, the extraction of these substances has been greatly reduced due to environmental aspects. In Mongolia (the largest source) the amount of material extracted is much lower than normal due to a very harsh winter. In view of the development of the HFCs, no investments are expected in the extraction of these products in the medium term. So it will remain a problem, driving up the price.

2. Production capacity of HFCs

In China in particular, the production of HFCs has been greatly reduced due to environmental aspects. This poses a huge problem worldwide. The result is very strong price increases.

3. EU quota regime

This policy limits the maximum allowable volume of HFCs and HFOs that may be placed on the market. Producers are now responding to this earlier than in previous phases. As a result, far fewer HFCs are now available and some HFOs have also been reduced in volume. As a result, the producers have extremely increased the prices of these products.

It is a problem facing the whole world and all manufacturers / suppliers.

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