Control engineering – Agricultural

Control engineering – Agricultural


Polytechniek has consciously opted for generally applied controllers with standard software. The owner / user is then not dependent on one programmer or one installer. An additional advantage is that the knowledge and experience of all installers can be bundled by the manufacturer in order to make it available to all installers

With these controllers, your installation has a control that is accessible and understandable for all installers and not a PLC programmed for only one application.
Fellow companies are increasingly offering their own PLC programs, so that you are in fact “married” to that installer.

Our computers are characterized by a robust construction and well thought-out operation. We can supply a well thought-out process computer for every agricultural company.

This one Sercom process computers are suitable for the control of various processes, such as drying, storage, irrigation or climate control on smaller companies and in stand-alone units. This series of computers has a modular design and gives you the opportunity to gradually expand the automation at your company.

For the chicory sector we have designed special control technology with Sercom read more

We also supply simple control systems such as VDH or PLC technology


As an installer, Polytechniek meets the most stringent requirements and certifications. We are in possession of all certificates to be able to execute the techniques offered by us excellently. This also guarantees good business operations in the future.

The knowledge base of Polytechniek

Want to know more about control technology?

Find all information about every discipline in installation technology here. Polytechniek works with professionals and they know exactly what is going on in the market. Curious about new legislation? Or the operation of a particular type of installation?



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