Heating – Agricultural

Heating – Agricultural


Our activities vary from minor malfunctions to the delivery of complete installations in the agricultural sector. With our team, the company guarantees a fast and correct delivery, whereby the personal wishes of the customer and quality are paramount.

We are therefore in possession of a KOMO-Instal quality mark. This certificate demonstrates the professional competence of the company and its employee. We are also a recognized Gas, Water and Electrotechnical installer.

The combination of plumbing, heating and electrical work offers great advantages. For example, the customer has a point of contact and there is optimal coordination between the various activities. Heat pumps are also known to us as we have many years of experience with refrigeration technology. Cooling technology is the heart of a heat pump.

IR heating

For some time now, Polytechniek has had an active collaboration with Holland Infrared Techniek located in Zwaagdijk.

They are specialists in infrared heating and, in collaboration with its trusted manufacturers, are one of the largest professional providers and advisers of infrared heating for terraces, industrial halls, churches, workplaces, animal enclosures, drying and production processes in the Benelux and beyond.

Holland Infrared Techniek supplies various infrared heating systems for Polytechniek BV, including:

  • Workplace heating such as forest lines
  • Shed and loading dock heating
  • Frost-free installations

Polytechniek stands for the delivery of high-quality technical installations, comfort concepts and longevity thinking. Together with Holland Infrared Techniek they design, install, maintain and manage technical installations, always taking into account the comfort of the user and the lifespan of the working and living environment.

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As an installer, Polytechniek meets the most stringent requirements and certifications. We are in possession of all certificates to be able to execute the techniques offered by us excellently. This also guarantees good business operations in the future.

The knowledge base of Polytechniek

Want to know more about heating?

Find all information about every discipline in installation technology here. Polytechniek works with professionals and they know exactly what is going on in the market. Curious about new legislation? Or the operation of a particular type of installation?



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