Refrigeration technology – Agricultural

Refrigeration technology – Agricultural


Polytechniek emphasizes the transition to natural refrigerants.
Natural refrigerant: an opportunity or a threat?
After the ban on R22, Due to the depletion of the ozone layer, the next round is now underway in Europe, the transition to refrigerants with less greenhouse effect.

Referred to in English as Global Warming Potential (GWP). The refrigerant R507 or R404a, widely used after 2000, has a GWP of almost 4000, which means that 1 kg of this stuff has just as much greenhouse effect as 4000 kg of CO2.

With a car that emits 100 g / km you could drive 40,000 km for the same effect. The high GWP agents are banned worldwide because refrigerant is released into the atmosphere due to leakage. Per January 1, 2022, no new refrigerant with GWP is allowed> 150 installed or topped up. Even R134a falls off again.

For existing installations it is topping up with GWP refrigerants> 2500 already banned in 2020.

Polytechniek BV has had an excellent reputation in the field of cooling technology since 1980, especially in the agricultural sector. We supply various cooling systems, the control of which is geared to the project and with which the installation runs as energy-efficiently as possible. This integration ensures perfect coordination and efficient operation.

The different cooling systems we build are:

– Overview of different cooling systems
– Natural refrigerants
– Vacuum cooling
– Dry cool

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As an installer, Polytechniek meets the most stringent requirements and certifications. We are in possession of all certificates to be able to execute the techniques offered by us excellently. This also guarantees good business operations in the future.

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Find all information about every discipline in installation technology here. Polytechniek works with professionals and they know exactly what is going on in the market. Curious about new legislation? Or the operation of a particular type of installation?



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