Utility & industry

Utility & industry

Polytechniek builds installations for over 40 years for the commercial and industrial sector. Our service extends from giving advice to the design, installation and maintenance of all kinds of technical and innovative installations.
Whether it comes to total installations in the field of water- and air treatment, cooling, heating, heat pump, electrical engineering or process control technology, we can provide it all. With a wide range of services, Polytechnic is the ideal partner for the utility sector and industry. This means you can rest assured that all installations are properly aligned. our 24-hour customer service guarantees you the fastest possible help. After completion of the projects Polytechniek naturally provides you with the best possible service.

Your advantages:
- All techniques under one roof: efficient and cost effective.- Choosing Polytechniek is opting for security, we offer the best products and service to complex projects.
- Always sufficient manpower and know how to resolve acute failures and calamities quickly
- Solid team of employees: more than enough knowledge about what is happening at the sites of our clients.
- Focus on sustainability. We work with the most modern, energy-efficient technologies. This is friendly to the environment and your budget.
- One contact, so even only one phone number: +31 228 54 54 54.
- Excellent service and customer contact.
- Possibility to close maintenance contracts
- customer service  24/7, no answering machine!
- Polytechniek is affiliated with industry organizations such as Uneto-VNI and NVKL

Polytechniek meets the most stringent requirements. We are in the possession of all necessary certificates  to perform the techniques offered to us. This will ensure you good business operation in the future.

— Direct contact —

With Polytechniek you get more than 40 years of experience.

Polytechniek supports you in each and every step in the realization and maintenance of your technical installation.

Latest projects

Below is a selection of our recent projects. Polytechniek advises, designs, installs and maintains all technical installations.