Unique range of products for agriculture and horticulture

The agricultural industry requires different types of technical, sustainable and innovative systems. Its custom advice and years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining agricultural systems at home and abroad make Polytechniek the perfect partner for agricultural businesses. Our qualified professionals are familiar with agricultural products and production processes. In collaboration with the various user groups, this has significantly improved our yields and forms the basis for Polytechniek’s leading position in the chicory hydroponic market worldwide. This translates into a unique range of applications for agriculture and horticulture, which have been further developed and improved over a period of forty years.


Sustainable Systems for Agricultural Businesses

Energy performance solutions for agriculture and horticulture are a few examples of the latest developments. Polytechniek is also a leader in the fields of sustainable systems, the most energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy sources.


As an installer of technical systems for the agricultural industry, Polytechniek meets the most stringent requirements and certifications. We are in possession of all of the certificates that enable and allow us to carry out the techniques that we offer to a first-rate standard. We are also affiliated with the Dutch Technical Business Association (Techniek Nederland) and the Dutch Association of Cold and Air Treatment (Nederlandse Vereniging van Koude- en Luchtbehandeling, NVKL). These certifications guarantee the continuance of sound business operations in the future.

Benefits for You

Its comprehensive range of services, high-quality systems and custom solutions make Polytechniek the perfect partner for businesses in the agricultural industry. Working with us means that you will reap significant benefits:

  • All required technologies under one roof. Efficient and cost-effective!
  • Knowledge of systems for, among other things, flower bulb nurseries, seed breeding businesses, outdoor vegetable growers and chicory nurseries;
  • A close-knit team of qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of agricultural systems;
  • A leader in the fields of sustainable systems, the most energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy sources;
  • A 24/7 malfunction service for resolving malfunctions and calamities;
  • The option of maintenance contracts for systems in the agricultural industry.
Installatie Watertechniek - Polytechniek

Hydroponic Systems

With our many years of experience in assembling equipment for hydroponic systems, Polytechniek developed a standard setup for water treatment. ecause we assemble all the necessary parts in-house, we can assemble the entire water treatment system in our workshop and ship it locally or globally as one single package. Our hydroponic setup is usually equipped (for each basin) with the following components.
  • Self-priming energy-efficient system water pump with a capacity contingent on the number of Grow Trays per basin.
  • Bypass circuit for regulating the water pressure in the pipe to the Grow Cell.
  • Electric clean water supply valve with electric level controls to keep the water in the basin at a constant level.
  • Analog mechanical water meter with or without digital pulse measurement.
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Complete cooling set, including a stainless steel cooling coil or cooling plate with a capacity based on the amount of chicory roots to be irrigated, a coolant regulator dependent on the type of cooling system.
  • For further aeration of the water, each basin is equipped with a jet-air venturi aerator.
  • Complete hot water system for heating, including a stainless steel coil with capacity based on the amount of chicory roots to be irrigated.
  • Complete fertilisation system including EC/PH transmitters for measuring the EC-PH value.
  • Custom-made control technology.

Alarm circuits will be installed with our control and operation technology in order to detect system water pump failures such as:

  • Extremely high or low EC values.
  • Extremely high or low pH values.
  • Extremely high or low process water temperatures.
  • Fertilisation system.
  • Electric heating instead of hot water heating.

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