Service & Maintenance – Agricultural

Service & Maintenance – Agricultural


Polytechniek offers you the security of a properly functioning installation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These activities are organized from a separate department, where the service manager coordinates the activities. Technical support and specialist knowledge are also provided to the technicians from here.

These well-trained technicians are deployed for service and maintenance work.

The installations are kept in the correct condition by periodically performing preventive checks and inspections, but also by carrying out maintenance.
Has your electrical installation already been tested / inspected? In the Netherlands it has therefore been legally established, via the Working Conditions Act, that installations of buildings must be inspected with appropriate regularity. In addition to the aspects of the NEN 3140 and NEN-EN 50110-1 standards, it is tested whether the installations comply with the NEN 1010 standard. The NEN 3140 and NEN-EN 50110-1 standards are also explicitly mentioned in the policy rule accompanying the Working Conditions Decree as a means to comply with the legislation. When the Labor Inspectorate checks installations in buildings, it applies these standards in its inspections. If it is found in an accident that these standards have not been applied or have been insufficiently applied, the employer has a weak position in demonstrating that he has fulfilled his duty of care under the Working Conditions Act.
Polytechniek can do this for you.

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As an installer, Polytechniek meets the most stringent requirements and certifications. We are in possession of all certificates to be able to execute the techniques offered by us excellently. This also guarantees good business operations in the future.

The knowledge base of Polytechniek

Would you like to know more about refrigeration technology?

Find all information about every discipline in installation technology here. Polytechniek works with professionals and they know exactly what is going on in the market. Curious about new legislation? Or the operation of a particular type of installation?

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